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His physicians have signed off on all his sick leaves without a problem. On seven occasions, these leaves were one year long, and three times they were as long as a year and a half, which is the maximum permitted by the law. Once that threshold had been reached, the employee would get a checkup from a medical committee attached to the INSS, which would find him fit to go back to work. This agency has denied his requests for permanent work disability on three occasions. In the meantime, the provincial authority has kept on paying his salary of €1,500 a month. It is legal, even if ethically and morally it may not seem so Medical services at the provincial authority have been saying for the last two-and-a-half years that this employee is not fit for work. “We have explained the situation to the INSS, but they recommended going through the courts if we disagree with their own assessment. And that is what our own legal services are considering right now, because it’s the only way out that is left,” said Morant. In other words, the provincial authority has gone from taking disciplinary action against the worker to siding with him in order to secure permanent disability leave.

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